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Bills 2 way is a leading wholeseller of two way radios!


Whether you need a business class 2 way radio, GMRS, FRS, Ham, or a CB Radio, you can find some of the best prices on the web here. Extending your range or just getting started, you can find it here. View one of the links below to get started on your communication needs.

To view current inventory on 2 way radios, cb radios, equipment, and/or parts choose one of the options below.

If you're looking for Citizen's band radios, visit our new site for CB Radios For Sale, including for all consumer grade cb radios and equipment.

Sales and Service for Amateur, CB Radio, Marine, Scanners, Commercial 2-Way Radios and systems.  Make sure to also visit our RF and Radio Parts page.

Amateur Radio Brands We Carry: Amphenol, Andrew Cable, Antenex, Belden, Connex, Galaxy, Hustler, JBC Cable, Larsen, Maha, President, RCI "Ranger", RF Limited VHF Amplifiers, RF Limited-Magnum Radios, Superstar, Times Wire and more.

Popular CB Radio and Antenna Brands we carry: Antron (Solarcon), Antron, Astatic, CBC International, Cherokee, Cobra, D & J Products, DOSY SWR and Wattmeters, Echo Boards, Electronic Rainbow, Expander Kit's, Firestik, Francis, Galaxy, Hustler, Maxon, Workman Microphones, Workman Antennas, Midland, Maxon, Para Dynamics, PYRAMID, RF Limited, SAMLEX Power Supplies, Sadelta, Shakespeare Antennas, Telex Mic's, The Modulator Inc, Texas Ranger, Uniden, Valor, Wilson, X-Terminator, Cobra 29 LTD Classic, Cobra 29 Bluetooth and many more models are for sale are at our CB Radio site below. 


We Also Offer The Following Radio Communications Equipment:

Scanners:  such as the Uniden Bearcat Scanners

Weather Alert Receivers:  NEW Improved SAME models in stock.

FRS - Family Radio Service Radios:ICOM,Kenwood,Cherokee,Cobra,Maxon,Midland,Uniden

Rechargeable Batteries andChargers:  MahaPowerEx

GMRS Radio: Cobra,Kenwood,Maxon,Midland,Pryme "Premier Communications"

Marine Radio: Shakespeare,Shakespeare Marine Antennas, Midland, RCI "Ranger"

Gadgets, Meters, Special Parts Items.

The Book Store: Radio related books

Used Radio Equipment


Popular Radio Equipment:

Kenwood ubz-lf14

Cobra Microtalk headsets

Larsen antennas

Para Dynamics

Midland 75-822

Midland 75-805

Midland 79-290

Midland ear bud radio headset 

Expo 100 expander kits

SRF3749 Final High Output Transistors

Para Dynamics pdc 250

Galaxy DX-73V

GMRS Radios

Cherokee cbs-1000

Icom ic-4008a

Wilson antenna parts

northstar ns 4000

northstar ns 3000


We hope you find what you're looking for. If you have questions about cb radios, 2 way frs/gmrs radio, or ham gear, e-Mail Orders or questions.